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Autograph Authentication Processes and Charges:

CMB Collectibles offers autograph authentication services through Pinpoint Grading and for any item you choose to send to us.  We can authenticate autographs of athletes, musicians, actors and more.  Each submitted item(s) that passes authenticity will come with an official Letter of Authenticity (LOA).  If for some reason your item does not pass authenticity you will receive a written letter as to why.  Each LOA will have a unique catalog number where the item can be viewed on our website and will also include a picture(s) of the item that was authenticated. 

Every item we receive with be examined thoroughly by us and will also be sent to up to 3 independent professionals for verification.  If you are a collector and are given the opportunity to purchase one of these items, it is strongly recommended that you only purchase them from a reputable source and one that has also provided you with the original LOA that contains both a picture of the item and our signature. There is only one LOA per item.  Each signature will be closely examined and authenticity will be verified (or denied) if and when those signatures have been found to be consistent considering a wide range of specific qualities.

Please Note:  The services we provide here and at the fee's listed below DO NOT INCLUDE us determining who's signature(s) is on the item(s) you are submitting. When shipping your items to us and downloading/using the form below you must include the persons name that signed the item(s) and for each item submitted.  If you need assistance determining who's signature(s) is on the item(s) being submitted, please DOUBLE the charges below and make note of this at the bottom of the form!  It takes extra time to determine this and will delay the outcome of your authenticity by up to 2 additional weeks. 


1. Download and Print the form below.  If you need us to mail or email it to you, please contact us here.  Our email address is .

2.  Fill out the form completely and use one line for each signature being submitted making note of the person who signed the item and what type of item it is.                    

3.  Make any notes you feel are relevant/helpful at the bottom of this form INCLUDING a note if you are choosing the option of us determining who's autograph is on the item.  If you have witnessed the signing of the item yourself, this is a place to make note of that.  If you have a photo of the person(s) signing the item(s), please make note of this and send to us. 

4.  Take photos of the item and then ship them to us.  We recommend shipping that has tracking and insurance.  Shipping charges to us and to return the item(s) must be paid by the owner/shipper.

What to Expect Once Your Items Arrive:

Once we receive your item(s) we will send you an email that they are here and arrived safely.  If you are requesting ONLY autograph authenticity and have listed the persons name(s) you can expect to see your items shipped back to you within 2 weeks of the email we send you.  If you need our services to determine who's signature(s) are on the item(s), please add an additional 2 weeks.  Your items are insured when in our possession! 

When it is time to ship your item(s) back to you and our services have been completed, you will receive an email with an invoice attached to it.  Fee's calculated based on the pricing below plus the shipping charges to return the items and sales tax will be determined.  We will ship your items back to you with both tracking and insurance based on the current value of the item(s).  If you are sending us your items with both tracking and insurance you can expect to see similar shipping charges when sending them back to you.  Please note: Item(s) will NOT be shipped back until the invoice is paid via credit card first.  You are welcome to mail us a check and please understand that this will delay the return of your items.   Our fee's noted below are not based on the passing of authenticity of your items and are the same if the items fail authenticity. Owner understands that CMB Collectibles is not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise once it is shipped back to them nor are they responsible for any lost value if this/these items fail authenticity.

We appreciate your consideration and trust when authenticating your collectibles and we look forward to examining additional collectibles for you in the near future. 


Authenticity FEES (Includes LOA or letter of denial) PER ITEM:

*Fees below based on name(s) provided with item. Please double (x2) these fee's if you are asking us to determine the person that signed the item(s)!

-One (1) signature/autograph on the item: $49

- Two (2) signatures on the item: $79

- Three (3) signatures on the item: $99

- More than three (s) signatures on the item? $99 PLUS $10 per signature at the 4th signature and beyond. 

* Return Shipping Charges Will Be Added To The Total. 

*7.5% Florida Sales Tax Added.

Please click on the button below to download and print our submission form in PDF. 

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