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Autograph Authentication Catalog.....

You have reached our catalog of autographs that we have authenticated.  Please scroll down and search the person by last name and then first name.  All certified autographs will be listed alphabetically, listed with a photo and unique number that is listed on the certificate we provided as well.  Single autographed items are listed first, multiple autographed items are listed second. 

Please note: ALL autographs pictured below have been examined and these items have also been submitted to  independent professionals. This/these signature(s) have been found to be consistent considering a wide range of specific qualities.

It is our professional opinion that these signature(s) is/are genuine. Your authenticated signature(s) has/have been assigned a unique certification number that is cataloged here on our website with their matching photo(s) for identification.

Please also note that EACH one of these items below were provided an official Letter of Authenticity (LOA) at the time of examination.  If you are a collector and are given the opportunity to purchase one of these items, it is strongly recommended that you only purchase them from a reputable source and one that has also provided you with the original LOA that contains both a picture of the item and our signature.  There is only one LOA per item. 

We appreciate your consideration and trust when authenticating your collectibles and we look forward to examining additional collectibles for you in the near future. 

Chestnut, Mark:

Dual Autographed CD Album. Sticker COA Back Cover. 

Como, Perry:

#101420222  8x10 Photo w Inscription

Feigner, Eddie "The King":

#122820221 Signed Softball with Inscription 

Forsberg, Peter:

#050620221 PHOTO 8x10. Single Auto. Dual Framed Plaque. 

Hayes, Wade:

Single Autograph CD Album. Front Cover. Sticker COA Back Cover. 

Hope, Bob:

#102020221 Signed and Inscribed one (1)  8x10 Photo "To Nancy Carper Thanks For The Memory". 

Howe, Gordie:

#050620222 JERSEY, Red Wings. Single Auto. 

Jones, Chipper:

#050420221  BAT (Rawlings)  Single Auto. 

Jones, Tom:

#061120222 Vinyl Record Cover Single Auto.

Jordan, Michael:

#050420223  BULLS JERSEY, Red 23, Champion Custom Made. Unworn. Single Auto. 

Larkin, Barry:

#050420222 BASEBALL (Rawlings) Single Auto. 

McLain, Denny:

#100620221 Photo 8x10 Single Auto Inscribed. 


#101420221  Vinyl Record Cover w Jones, Tork & Dolenz. 

Montgomery, John Michael:

Single Autograph CD Album. Front Cover. Sticker COA Back Cover.

Norwood, Daron:

Single Autograph CD Album. Front Cover. Sticker COA Back Cover.

Payton, Walter:

#061120221  Photo 8 x 10 Single Auto. 

Rose, Pete:

#050420224  BALL (Spalding) Single Auto. 

Stuart, Marty:

Single Autograph CD Album. Front Cover. Sticker COA Back Cover.

Thompson, Kenan:

#100720221 Photo (1) Single Auto 8x10. 

Trevino, Rick:

Single Autograph CD Album. Front of CD. Sticker COA Back Cover.

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