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Every company offering certain services starts somewhere.  This is our story....

Take a look at this picture to your right.  We will explain it in a minute.  The owner of CMB Collectibles with grading services through Pinpoint Grading began collecting baseball cards at the age of about 8.  He and his brothers would travel with their dad to Spring Training games in Plant City, Fl. to see the Reds.  This is where the Pete Rose autographed ball in this picture came from and it is now  close to 40 years old. We waited for Pete and the team outside where they were parked and he took a few minutes to hang out with fans and sign items before leaving the park. 


Certain moments along the road of collecting memorabilia are displayed in our card shop located in Sebring, Fl.  The Pete Rose image above, and this autographed Dr. J shirt that he personally signed when working for the Magic and a game we attended on March 7th, 2003. 

The owner of CMB Collectibles coached a local private schools basketball team and at the end of the season treated them to a home Magic game.  Dr. J was a part of the Magic at that time and was sitting in the stands.  We simply asked him to sign this T-shirt, and he did.  It was framed with the ticket and a thank you card from the team and is one of the many highlights of our collecting. 


For 4 decades now collecting sports cards and autographs has been a passion.  A hobby.  Both the passion and the hobby are more important than the "business".  Before top loaders, grading services and the presence of internet auctions and sales existed, respect for the game, collections and players existed. Our father use to ride his bicycle with us to the local 7=11 gas station where we began breaking open Topps wax packs of baseball cards looking for Rose, Bench, Sabo, Davis, Larkin and many others.  This is now something that we are able to pass down to our sons as well. 

As the hobby changes those that are passionate about it seem to change with it.  Learning and studying the art of grading cards is one of those changes.  For the past 7+ years this has been a passion of ours as well.  To send cards to be graded while "pre grading" them before mailing them so we can compare the grade assigned to what we thought, or hoped, it would grade at. Submitting cards to several reputable (and now quite expensive) companies became common.  As time went on the accuracy of the pre-grade became spot on and across the spectrum of the different "elite" grading companies. We spent time on each and every card and we continue to, and will. 

Every business starts somewhere.  These large grading companies started somewhere and now their pricing and wait times have made it very difficult for the common collector to stay in the hobby.  To charge $100+ for a single card to be graded, and to have wait times of a year or more, we feel is absolutely ridiculous.  But, to each their own.   No matter how good of a job you try to do, and no matter how great of a job you actually do, there will always be someone critical of you, your experience, and so on.  We understand that.  If you feel our experience and services meet the pricing and expectations for your card(s) and collection, we welcome your business.  If not, we wish you the best anyhow and hope you continue to enjoy the hobby.  We hope you find our pricing and grading fair, honest, and a turn around time that simply makes sense.  Any card "graded" is simply slabbed and better protected moving forward.  We feel this is a service that should not cost over $20 and will help preserve the hobby for you. 

In closing allow us to finish up the story related to the Rose image above.  When deciding to open up our card shop in Sebring we shared this information with our father.  He is now 82 years old and like many his age has memory challenges.  He lit up just like he did when sitting in the hot, Florida sun at a Reds spring training game.  Later on that week he went home and found this Pete Rose, 1987 Fleer card in a drawer and smiled just as big when handing it to us for our store.  So, this image reflects the beginning of our love for this hobby, and the tail end of it with him. 

This is our story and we hope one day we can hear about yours. 


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